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We want to help you develop a quality website and earn money from your website with the best free programming tools, our list of recommended affiliate programs for your website and the best ways to promote your website. Creating a website at Kresch.com.

Kresch is your resource center for designing and improving your website. We provide free website templates, PHP scripts, programming tutorials, remotely hosted chatrooms, counters, discussion boards and free search engine submission.

Source code and examples of the PHP scripting language, CGI scripts and Perl programming resources plus programming tools, references, tutorials, bugs and fixes and source code for CGI, ActiveX, Perl, PHP, Java, JavaScript and VRML scripts.

We also provide remotely hosted applications such as chat rooms, hit counters, site statistics, guestbooks, discussion boards, autoresponders, mailing lists and site search engines.

Webmasters can submit their website to google, bing and yahoo fast and easily. These are the sites that really drive traffic to your website. We have a META Tag Generator to help you create quality meta tags for your web pages that will help optimize your rankings and placement in the search engines results pages (SERPs). Create meta tags easily with this free online utility.

We are always adding more tools and resources to our website with industry news, articles and tutorials about creating a website, adding quality graphics and photos, providing interactive features for your site visitors and promoting your website with proven methods for results that work.



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